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Dr. Erica Garcia Thomas

Host The Doctorate Life

Dr. Erica Garcia Thomas, a seasoned business marketing and organizational consultant, brings extensive executive leadership, growth expertise, and evidence-based practices to her consultancy. With a focus on organizational dynamics, leadership development, management practices, and digital growth scaling, she collaborates with diverse clients, including entrepreneurs, nonprofits, startups, and large corporations, driving tangible results.

Dr. Garcia Thomas earned her Doctor of Business Administration and Management from Indiana Wesleyan University’s DeVoe School of Business, Technology, and Leadership, being among the inaugural cohort of graduates, complemented by a master's in organizational leadership from the same institution and a bachelor's in psychology from California Polytechnic State University. Actively engaged in academia, she mentors students and teaches business programs, emphasizing lifelong learning.

Through Elevate 1 Consulting, Dr. Erica and her husband offer strategic consulting and implementation services, prioritizing digital strategies, organizational health, and brand revitalization. She is committed to bridging academia with applied business, as evidenced by her podcast, teaching, writing, and ongoing research endeavors.

In her words: “My hope for this podcast is to educate others about the ins and outs of the DBA degree and its power in applied business. I’m also passionate about bridging the gap between academia and applied business through teaching, writing, approachable communities of practice, and ongoing research.”

Dr. Erica Garcia Thomas,

Strategic Business and Marketing Consultant

Elevate 1 Consulting


Dr. Erica Garcia Thomas
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